Silent art


Before I accidentally became a sports writer, I wanted to be an artist.

As a kid, I drew a lot of superheroes and cartoons. I copied the old masters from my mom’s art books. (She was an art major and used to draw Superman for me to copy.) I especially remember drawing this Michelangelo sculpture of Moses when I was 11 or 12 years old.


If not for art, I’m not sure I would have gotten into JMU. Drawing, I think, allowed me to at least partially circumvent the part of the admission process that considers academics. (I was a less-than-enthusiastic high school student.) I went to college with the idea that I’d work for Pixar, Disney or draw comic books. Instead, I became an English major, started working for the college paper and ended up a sports writer.

The picture that isn’t Moses is a charcoal sketch of a silent-film star, very loosely based on Mary Pickford, that I drew in April.


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