Women’s lib wasn’t big in the 1300s

The Magna Carta was an important document but could have done more for women's lib.

The Magna Carta was an important document but could have done more for women’s lib.

Beauty and song. These are the gifts the pink and the green fairies gave Sleeping Beauty. The blue fairy was going to give her a gift, too, but she got preempted by the villain’s Monday Night Raw entrance.

(Seeing Maleficent compelled me to re-watch Sleeping Beauty, the 1959 Disney movie, which, from an art perspective, is among the greatest animated films ever made. It took almost 10 years to finish, in part, because of the intricate detail. The backgrounds, all hand-painted, are incredible. So is the dragon-fight sequence.)

It’s unclear what the blue fairy’s gift was going to be because the villain — the horned lady with the crow and the glowing stick of malevolent intent — cursed Sleeping Beauty, forcing the blue fairy to audible. Based on the first two gifts, it was probably going to be something like grace, or charm, or an innate knowledge of how to get red wine stains out of the carpet.

Eventually, the blue fairy went with the ability to survive a finger prick from a hell spindle. It turned out to be useful, so that’s fine. But wouldn’t the gift of “being a strong, independent and self-sufficient woman who doesn’t need the waist of a Victoria’s Secret model and a gold-medal bust to have value” be a better gift? Maybe if instead of dancing with squirrels in the woods and singing about princes all day, she could worked on becoming a fully realized person and avoided the curse that way.

It also would have helped if Sleeping Beauty’s Christian name, Aurora, wasn’t a favorite of strippers. Now on the main stage…

Beauty and !@#$%^& song. Women’s lib wasn’t big in the 1300s.


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