A Golden Agey Superman


This week, Action Comics No. 1 sold on eBay for $3.2 million. Inspired, I sketched a Golden Age Superman at 1:30 a.m. that, at best, is worth $1.6 million. But being a total mensch, I’ll start the bidding at “best offer.”

The Golden Age look is my preferred style of Superman. The new outfit — the armored turtleneck onesie — just looks weird.

I assume at some point DC will abort the New 52 design and resurrect the classic costume, perhaps in a yearlong arc in which armored Superman — who, like most male DC characters now (even Lobo!), looks like an Abercrombie model on Gay Halloween — is revealed to be a fake, and the real original Superman, drawn like the lovechild of a hot polyamorous relationship between Max Fleischer, George Reeves and Norman Rockwell, returns to save the world in a not-yet conceived epic way.

If you want to read Action Comics No. 1 and don’t want to pay $3.2 million, you can do it here, for free. The website also has a lot of other famous superheroes’ first appearances, too. Detective Comics No. 27 is there, so you can see Batman, in his debut, kill a bad guy by punching him over a railing and into a tank of acid, then call it a “fitting end for his kind.”


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