Superman (in color)

Color Superman 2

It’s another Superman, but this time, in color.

It’s drawn with pencil, in a sketchbook I got from some (possibly now-dead) relative a long time ago. I have a lot of sketchbooks I got from some (possibly now-read) relative a long time ago because, when you like art, people always buy you art stuff. It doesn’t matter if you need it; it’s an easy present.

So I have several thousand of un-to-barely used sketchbooks. This is because I’m intimidated by drawing in sketchbooks. They are official, and if I draw something that sucks beyond a reasonable level, I’m wasting Mr. Strathmore’s paper that could have been used for real art.

But this Superman turned out OK. I cleaned up the drawing with a black pen and an eraser, then colored it, roughly, with fancy markers I got for Christmas. The Superman above is from Instagram, so it has a filter. I like the color-muted look. The original, sans filter, is at the bottom. It has a Ruby-Spears feel.

Color Superman 1



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