A nice moment on a treadmill

No one has ever been happy on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill reduces evolved, sapient beings to miserable, sweaty hamsters. The TVs, arranged like bowling-alley monitors in front of the treadmills, make it worse. They’re always on cable news, ESPNs 1 and 2, and the talk shows of people who used to be stand-ups and may have once hosted Family Feud. It’s all people speaking in loud noises.

Except Friday afternoon.

CNN showed photos from a Richmond, California protest of the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Standing in the small crowd, holding a #BlackLivesMatter sign, and wearing his uniform was Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus.

The other crap was on, too. The Jerry Springer Show, which apparently still exists, played on the TV next to the one turned to CNN, allowing all of us to watch a beautiful act of empathy while a woman mounted a stripper pole with a reverse cartwheel.

The older man two treadmills down seemed surprised — but pleased — to learn that gymnastics and exotic dancing aren’t mutually exclusive, but I didn’t watch the ninja-moves stripper. I just had a nice moment, seeing some awareness and understanding.


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