Magazine Writing


» MUSIC  The Fight and Fury of the Z-Man — a 5,000-word magazine profile of rock ‘n’ roll photographer Michael Zagaris



» LITERATURE  In Addition to History — a 4,000-word magazine story on the writing process of of historical fiction novelist Thomas Mallon



» OUTER SPACE  The ‘What If’ of Mark Holdridge — a 1,000-word news profile of the New Horizons (Pluto probe) mission operations manager




» FILM  That Awkward Moment at the End of Casablanca — What did Laszlo and Ilsa talk about on the plane to Lisbon?


Bill Ellis BBQ, the conference center and America

» FOOD  BBQ Grazin’ in Wilson, N.C. — The other barbecue restaurant in Wilson, N.C.



» GUNS  Well, He Should’ve Armed Himself — We shouldn’t want to live in 19th-century Arizona.


UNITED STATES - JULY 10: Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, arrives for the House Republican Conference caucus meeting on immigration in the basement of the Capitol on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

» RELIGION  ‘Religious Liberty’ Is Veiled Bigotry — It’s just a nice way to hate people.



» SPORTS  The NFL Can Do Whatever It Wants — Because everyone will still watch.


Newspaper Stories

»  High school coach returns after near-physical confrontation with player 

»  College says QB can’t transfer to certain schools, QB fights school

»  College promises football scholarships, new coach pulls them

»  College football coach says a player quit — but the player says he was cut because he cared too much about school